A few words about John Lawrence

John Lawrence is the pen name of Nigel Lawrence John Fawcett. John was born on 18 October 1955 in Leigh-on-Sea, England.  After finishing Grammar School in Southend-on-Sea, he initially studied for a career in horticulture before a change in direction that took him into the world of business. Following thirty-one years as a technology specialist, director and part owner of one of the United Kingdom’s best known High Street brands, 2007 saw him take early retirement and relocation to Tuscany, Italy where he is able to spend more time on his passion for writing, travel and photography.

John met his wife, Elena, in Crimea in 2009 and they were married in 2010 at the parish church in Prittlewell, England where he grew up.

He has just finished writing his first novel, Salting the Tears, which he hopes to see in print in the near future, and is currently writing his second title, Half Seen. Three further titles are also in the pipeline — Captured in the Shadows, Reginald Trump and Killer on the Mountain.

John’s home sits between the Apennine and Apuane mountains, near Fivizzano, where he finds the Tuscan climate and the Lunigiana landscape make the most perfect environment in which to relax and write.


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